Assign Bundled Fee Item (Plus edition or greater)

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Bundled Fees are typically used by associations using a tiered membership structure. Bundled fees allow the ability to include a single line item on an invoice but report to multiple income accounts for internal bookkeeping.

Bundled Fee items must first be created under Setup > Fee Items List. Then this fee is assigned to the Members Account and is invoiced like any other fee item.

To Assign a Bundled Fee to a Member

1. Click Members in the left-hand menu and select the desired member.

2. Click the Account tab.

3. In the "Membership Fees and Dues" area, click Assign Fee Items.

4. Complete the "Assign a Member Fee Item" fields making sure to select a Bundled Fee item from the Fee Item Type drop-down list.

5. Click Save & Exit.

6. Once saved, a Bundled Fee Tracking button will immediately appear in the Membership Fees and Dues area where you may record the date and quantity used with comments for each individual bundled item. If the bundled fee item is removed from the member account, the Bundled Fee Tracking button will remain if there was any history recorded on the account.

7. To view a list of available Bundled Fee items, select Setup > Fee Items List and note the phrase “Bundled Fee” that will display in the Account column. To create a new bundled fee, click Add Fee Items under Setup > Fee Items List.

Note: To make sure this fee item is included in the recurring invoice batch, set the Billing Cycle to a frequency of Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly.

You may use the Bundled Fee Usage report to monitor usage of the items you have included in the bundle. Click Here to learn more about this report.