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If using the Events module, you will be able to create a batch of invoices with a single click based on selections made during registration of event participants and sponsors.

Event fees must first be created (see “Create Event Fee”) and assigned to a particular event. See “Assign Event Registration Fees”. Then as registration takes place, these fees may be selected and summed up as an amount that should be invoiced.

If a payment method of Invoice is selected, this invoice will be marked to be created and then created and printed at a time of your choosing. If a payment method of Credit Card is selected, one of three results will happen depending on your choice: an invoice and payment will be automatically created, a sales receipt will automatically be created, or no transaction will happen. Make these selections for each event on the Fees tab of the desired Event. See “Set Billing Preferences”

How to Create Event Invoices

Event invoices may be created from within the Events module or from the Billing module. Either way of creating invoices accomplishes the same task.

In addition the Task List indicates all Event Invoices that have not been created. Click Invoices in the Task List view and create pending invoices.

Hint: If performing only the task of creating invoices, you may choose to create invoices without entering the Events module. Other staff who perform all the tasks, from event registration to event invoicing, may find it easier to create the invoices from within the Events module.