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Follow-up reminders may be specified for any communication history item which will display as a Reminder in the Task List on the designated date. Follow-Ups may be designated for another staff member to complete by selecting the desired Rep on the Follow-Up entry.

Member Management-Create a reminder-MemberManagement.1.61.1.jpg

Add a Follow-up to an existing entry

  1. Find the desired communication that requires a follow-up on the members’ Communication tab.
  2. If no follow-up entries currently exist, click add follow-up in the Follow-up column on the Communication tab. If follow-ups entries already exist for an item, click the title of the desired event, then click Add a New Follow-up Entry.
    Add a follow-up
  3. Complete the New Follow-Up Entry screen fields.
  4. Click Save & Exit.
    New Follow-Up Entry

Create new entry and follow-up at the same time

  1. On the Communication tab, click Notes and Follow-Up from the New Communication drop-down menu.
    Select Notes and Follow-UP
  2. Complete the New Correspondence Entry window.
    Create an entry and follow-up at the same time
  3. Click Save.