Default Permission Sets

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Four permission sets are available by default but others may be created as needed. These permission sets may also be modified to fit your specific needs but they may not be deleted.

  • Primary permissions give all rights to everything in the Member Information Center. They also have rights to modify and create additional reps.
  • Standard permissions only allow registration for events and to change their own login credentials. View only rights are available to the rest of the information. No rights are given to view reports.
  • Finance permissions includes same rights as Standard permissions but additional rights to pay bills, access to the Business Information and to view reports.
  • Prospect permissions include rights to change login/password but view only rights to their webpage and member information. This permission set is automatically applied to all reps that belong to a member with Prospective membership status.

One additional set may appear in your list of permission sets:

  • MembertoRepTransition permissions set was created by the system during a short time period during September 2013. The set was created automatically when a member logged in with a Member Login and then was asked to create a Rep login with a goal of transitioning your members to a representative login. It applied only to those with Member Information Center v3 enabled at that time. This automatic creation has since been disabled and the process replaced with changes that occurred in the February 2014 software release.
  • If you have any reps assigned to this set, feel free to leave them in that set if all is working correctly, or rename the set to something more meaningful to you or assign the reps to other sets that meet your needs better.