Emails Letters and Mailing Lists-Settings for label output

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Labels printed through your software will first display on your screen in Adobe Reader, allowing you to preview the resulting labels before sending to the printer. However, one selection in the print dialog box must be changed from the default to allow proper control of label placement. This selection looks different based on the version of Adobe Reader that is installed on your own computer.

Page Scaling should always be set to None or 100% or Actual (wording varies depending on Adobe version). When Page Scaling is set to anything other than None (or the above identified choices), your labels may print off the labels or “slide” down the page as they print. You may say the labels shift or have improper alignment.

Tip: Sometimes your browser will open the PDF in a “mini reader” instead of using the Adobe program which doesn’t allow you to change these settings. You’ll need to disable these mini-readers in order to allow the software to control the label output properly. Watch a video to understand how this works.
Chrome Users: type in chrome://plugins and press Enter. Then disable the Chrome PDF Viewer and the Adobe Reader. See this page
Firefox Users: Select Options from the Tools menu. Click Applications tab and search for Adobe and also for PDF. Change each selection to Use Adobe Reader.
Internet Explorer Users: Select Manage Add-ons from the Settings menu. With Toolbars and Extensions selected change the Show drop-down to All-Add-ons. Then set the Adobe PDF Reader to Disabled.

Your Adobe Reader version will determine what this setting will look like.