July 2016 Release Notes

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This month's software update includes additions to current features, tweaks to the interface, and maintenance items.

Event Registration cut-off time

Entries and votes cast under the "Light Bulb" option in the upper right-hand menu of your dashboard have been received.  This software update includes the completion of this high-vote getter:   

The cut-off for event registration can now be specified as a specific time and not just at midnight of a particular day.  Now you can be assured that no late, in-coming registrations will happen after you leave the office the night before your early morning event!   

Select the desired cut-off time on the Events->Fees tab under the Registration & Billing Preferences section.  The time selected is based on the time zone of the event which is on the Events->General tab - when the cutoff time is reached, no additional public registrations are allowed no matter what time zone they try to register from.
Event Registration - Updated Version

  • Cap event registration per fee item e.g. allow only 20 tables of 8 to be sold.
  • Multiple attendees associated with a single fee item e.g. works well for a Table of 8 or Golf Foursome
  • Reserve attendees space based on fee item sale e.g. reserve 8 attendee spots if the table of 8 is sold even if attendee names aren't entered at that time.
  • Display custom registration instructions on a per-event basis that display at the top of your registration form.
  • Include custom event confirmation message on a per-event basis

Did you realize these features are available to you with event registration? Can't find these features?  Enable the updated Event Registration module - no charge.  You'll gain all these feature immediately and your existing events will continue to work. View how to enable.    

Move over to this updated version at any time desired. 
Related Organizations

A new tool is available to assist in tracking parent/child relationships between members in your database.

For instance, a main bank location has multiple branch locations. The main location will be designated as the Parent and the branch locations will each be designated as a Child.  

This common type of single-level relationship tracking, where on
e parent exists within a relationship and a child does not have a child of it's own, is supported in this new section on the Members->General tab. 

How to set it up? Select to relate one member to another.  Add your own notes about that relationship. Mark one as the Parent. Easily click the Organization name to switch to the child/parent record.

Available to those with Plus edition or greater. 

Note: This tracking is only for internal purposes and does not result in any changes to what is viewed in the public directory about these members.  This new feature replaces the need for creating your own Custom Fields to track these relationships and also provides the added benefit of easy navigation and additional notes.
Reps Can Create An Account "On-The-Fly"

Allow your representatives to create their own login account from the Login screen!  Members that haven't yet responded to your personal emailed invitation to create an account will now have an additional location to create their account 'on-the-fly."

Here's how it works:
  • After clicking to Sign up now, the rep enters their email address​
  • If their email address exists on only rep in your database, a verification email is sent to that address where the Create Account link is provided.
  • If their email address exists on more than one rep in your database
    • An Invoice # is required if the rep email exists on more than a single member
    • Last Name is requested if the rep email exists more than once on a single member
  • If their email address does not exist in your database, they are advised to contact your organization for additional information.
  • Upon providing the correct matching information, a verification email is sent and the rep can create their account.
  • Member Information Center access is given based on the pre-assigned permission set already entered on their account, which is based on their role of Primary, Billing or Standard.
Allowing new login accounts to the Member Center may be something you'd like to control so we've made this a setting that can be enabled/disabled at your discretion.  Turn this on under Setup->General Options and Settings under the General Settings section.  Enable  Allow representatives to create a login/password from the Login screen 
  • Filter your drop-down list of events-by-category to quickly pick from a smaller, more focused list of events in your back office. Picking multiple categories will display events that are included within any of the selected categories.  
  • Attendees can now be registered for events using Bulk Event Registration for events with a start date of today or later. Previously the event start date had to be more than two days away.
Events - Updated Version Only Do you have this version?
  • When tracking those who have actually attended an event, you will find the Attendee Name column split into First Name and Last Name so that you can easily sort by First OR Last Name instead of only on First name.  The downloaded file will also be split into two columns as well.  Find this under Events->Guests List under View/Edit Attendance List
  • Attendee limits were updated so that additional attendees are not allowed to register after the attendee limit has been reached in the edge case where only non-member fees are assigned.
  • Tax calculations on event fees will now calculate based on 4 decimal places instead of only 2 to obtain better control over the final combined total of fee and tax, especially in cases where the quantity is multiplied. 
Events with Integrated Billing 
  • The drop-down selections for the line item output on event invoices are now renamed to better match the naming used when assigning the event fee items.  Line Item Name is now Fee Display Name.  Line Item Description is now Fee Description.
  • When creating event invoices, you now have two more options for what appears as the line items on the invoice, both of which include the Event Name: Event Name + Line Item Description + Attendee Name and Event Name + Line Item Name + Attendee Name.    
Event Invoices with Integrated Billing - Updated version only View how to enable this version 
  • The settings selected under Setup->Event Options and Settings for creating your event invoices (Default Invoice Line Item Description and Default Invoice Bill/Sold-To Contact Type) not only set the defaults when creating invoices under Billing->Invoices, but now will also apply to the auto-generated invoices and sales receipts that occur when a transaction is automatically created due to choices made in the checkout cart or when selecting Record or Capture Payment while under the payment icon on the Guest List.  Note: Transactions are automatically created for credit card purchases when the Credit Card Payment Tracking Options are set to do so under the Registration and Billing Preferences section of the Events->Fees tab.  
  • When event invoices are generated, line items that are Additional Fee Items will no longer attempt to show an attendee name which often caused the phrase (null) to appear on the invoice.  The attendee name will continue to display on the base fee item as long as your invoice options include Attendee Name as the desired output.  
  • When event invoices are generated, line items that are discounts will display "Discount Name: Fee Display Name" in cases where Fee Display Name is the desired output and "Discount Name: Fee Description" in cases where Fee Item Description is the desired output.  This corrects an issue where the discount name was not always present on the line item even if specified as the desired output. 
  • Invoices generated that specify that Attendee Name should be included as part of the line item output will now include the name of all attendees when a fee item that allows multiple attendees is being invoiced.  
Staff Login Security Changes
The following changes were made to adhere to best practice suggestions and guidelines by the PCI Security Standards Council and the SANS Institute.
  • Staff who have not changed their password in the past 90 days will see a new Security Message in their left-hand menu bar. Clicking the message will provide more details and allow them to change their password immediately after which the Security Message will no longer display until another 90 days has passed since a password change. The 90-day count will be implemented gradually over the next several weeks.
  • Users, typically organization staff workers, that login at www.chamberlogin.com (secure2.chambermaster.com) or http://app.memberzone.com will now be required to login successfully within six attempts or be locked out of their account for 5 minutes before retry will be permitted from that location (IP address).  
    • Warnings will be displayed reminding the user of remaining attempts and a "Forgot Login/Password?" link will be presented to assist the user in a successful login.  Malicious brute force attacks will be stopped and provide minimal disruption in work flow for legitimate users that have simply forgotten their password. A manual reset of an account is not available if an account becomes locked after 6 attempts.  Please wait 5 minutes or attempt login from another location. And be sure to use the 'Forgot Login/Password?" link instead of guessing after the 5th attempt.
Finding Members
  • Find your member by Keyword search.  When using the Find button, choose the Keyword Filter Type and type any keyword that is listed in your members' Keyword field.   
  • When using the Find button for locating a Member/Rep, the details screen that appears to verify whether you've found the correct record now includes the assigned Sales Rep  (from the Members->General tab) and the Account Name/ID (from the Members->Account tab). 
Community Activity Feed
  • Social posts in the Community Activity Feed in the MIC and within the MemberPlus app have been increased from 500 to 5000 characters to allow longer posts that are becoming more common on other social media platforms.
  • A new mail merge field, Billing Rep Prefix, was added as a selection to the Billing Information section when using the Add Database Field icon in the editor.
Subscription Sign-up
  • Behind the scenes change: Confirmation emails that are sent to the subscriber on the Subscription Sign-up page (/communication) that assist in verifying the identity of the subscriber are now sent through an email queue, a new technology designed to ensure faster and more accurate delivery.
Social Network Publishing
  • "Behind the scenes" updates to Social Network Publishing
    • to handle member name changes that affect the member URL.
    • to support the upcoming deprecation of FQL and REST API calls that will no longer be supported by Facebook in August 2016.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Image button initially would open the older file navigation menu so that now it opens the new Cloud Drive even the first time that you add an image to a deal.
  • The Three-Column and Two-Column Printable Membership Directory reports now include a new filter so that you can choose to print a directory that displays the member in each category they belong to vs. displaying them in their Primary Category only.
  • All Event Invoices and Receipts - Beta report: The column titled Received was changed to Payment which better represents the data in that column.
  • Thank you Letters for payment can now be generated for those that have had a sales receipt transaction and is not only for those with a payment transaction against an invoice.  Click Include Sales Receipts and refresh the list to include these members as a recipient as well. Thank You Letters are found in the Billing->Reports tab under the Letters section.   
  • Members with Past Due Member Fees & Dues report will now appropriately look at the Due Date to determine the Aging of Member Dues Owed instead of the Invoice Date.  In addition, the Aging of Member Dues Owed column will appropriately only count invoices with Member Fees & Dues and not include invoices with other fee types.  
  • The MemberZone Staff app has been updated to display the MemberZone blue color and associated MemberZone logo while the login action occurs. (iOS version)
  • The MemberPlus app now includes all Member to Member deals in certain edge cases where they were incorrectly not being displayed.
Public modules
  • The members' detail page, accessed through the public directory, will now display the member's submitted events on the News tab in order by start date instead of alphabetically.
  • The underlying code that is used to provide a link to a member's website from all public business directory locations was modified to be a direct link vs. a pass-through link so that website crawlers will not mistakenly mark our customer site as malicious if the member website was the site flagged as such.  
Checkout Cart
  • The checkout cart data will automatically archive data after 120 days, instead of 60 days, which modified the original archive solution put in place back in March 2016.  This new value coincides better with the typical refund window with credit card providers. Previously archived data was restored to bring all existing data up to the full 120 day history. 
API - for customers with developer access to the API MemberZone - Builders Edition
  • Easily identify the different type of reps by glancing at the new column on the Reps tab which will display the custom NAHB/WMS Information Membership Type field of Builder, Associate, Affiliate, or Dependent.
  • WMS Export Tool will more easily allow partial month updates to be exported. (effective 6/28/2016) Updates include
    • 1) a Custom Date Range selection in drop-down box; 
    • 2) Add days to months in drop-down list 
    • 3) add help link directly to the appropriate support wiki page (e.g. when most of the month has already been exported, you can now specify to only export the last few days of the month due to have specific dates that can be selected) 
  • WMS Export Tool will include late payments made on renewals that were due in a previous month  (e.g. if Renewal month is June, and payment is July, then it will now be included in the export for July)  (effective 6/28/2016)
  • WMS Export Tool now truncates data fields to match the NAHB requirements to match the same character limits. (effective 6/28/2016)

SmartCMS Updates
SmartCMS is MicroNet's Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to edit and manage your own website. If you use a different product to edit your website, then these SmartCMS updates will not apply to you. Look for the 'Edit Website' button   appearing in the upper right hand-corner of your database to know if these updates apply to you. 

More Prominent Content Drop Area

We’ve made it easier to see the content area where your dragged content will be ‘dropped’. The improved drop area is now taller and yellow in color to easily drag your content into place.

Appearance Box - New Link to Change CM/MZ Module Page Colors

Do you have a need to change the CM/MZ module page colors?

This is now easily accessible from your SmartCMS website in the Appearance Box.

Clicking the “Edit Module Page Colors” link will open a new browser tab to the Internet Settings Control Panel (ISCP) where you can change the module page Font, Color and Size. Clearing the Template Cache will show your new changes on your module pages!

  • Performance improvements for faster page load time are included in this release. Ongoing improvements will be made in future releases to enhance your website visitors experience. 
Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members