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Locate the member record and then select the appropriate information tab in the member’s record.

Any changes you save to a member’s record are automatically updated throughout the database and within associated web site entries.

How do I edit...

Member Contact Information

  1. Select the desired member in the Members module.
  2. Click the General tab.
  3. Edit the contact information as desired and click Save.
  4. The Reps information will automatically be updated for address, phone and fax (when those same rep fields already match prior to the edit).
  5. Click the Reps tab and check the individual reps for any changes that should be made (if not already changed automatically).
  6. Click the Web tab to ensure that "Use Company Information" checkbox is selected (which means that the Web tab is already updated). If not selected, then you can update the Web tab with any desired contact changes.

Member contact information is used for internal viewing and included on communication pieces such as letters, labels and emails. The contact information on the Web tab will be displayed in the online directory.

Billing Contact

If no rep is currently selected

  1. On the Account tab, click select a billing rep in the "General Information" area.
  2. Click the desired rep name in the "Choose a representative" list box and then click Continue.
  3. If the desired rep is not listed in the "Choose a representative" list box, you may add a rep to this list by selecting "Add a New Rep" on the Reps tab.

Change a selected rep

  1. On the Account tab, click change billing rep in the "General Information" area.
  2. Click the desired rep name in the "Choose a representative" list box and then click Continue

Remove a rep

  1. On the Account tab, click remove billing rep in the "General Information" area.

Notes and Tips:

  • The Billing rep may also be selected or removed on the Reps tab. The checkbox "Billing Contact" under "Personal Information" can be selected there instead of making the change on the Account tab.
  • The Billing rep and their billing contact preference may also be selected/changed by the member in the Member Information Center if they have the proper permissions.
  • The address of the Billing rep is the address that invoices are sent to by default.
  • Integrated billing: If a Billing rep is changed to a different person or a different address after an invoice has been created, the old invoice will not automatically be updated with the new address. To update the old invoice to the name/address of the new Billing rep, click into the invoice, click edit in the "Bill To:" box, and click "choose rep" and select the appropriate new name.

Billing Renewal Month

Renewal month is the month that the member begins their membership term with you. It is also used when selecting which members should be included in the invoice batch – select members by renewal month.

Note: Each fee item may also have a designated Renewal Month making it so you can invoice the membership fee on a particular month and other recurring fees on another month. This field is only setting the default value for their account.

  1. On the Account tab, click the Renewal Month arrow to view renewal months.
  2. Click the desired renewal month.
  3. Click Save.

Assigned Business Category

A Business Category indicates where this member will be displayed within the search options in the online directory. Creating categories is done under Setup > Define Business Categories.

Assign a category

  1. On the Advanced Options tab, click Assign Categories in the Business Categories area.
  2. Click the desired category in the Available Categories list.
  3. Click to select the desired category check box and then click Save & Exit.

Remove a Category Assignment

  1. On the Advanced Options tab, click to select the check box in front of the category that you wish to remove in the Business Categories area.
  2. Click Remove Selected Categories.

Change Primary Category

  1. On the Advanced Options tab, click Primary next to the desired business category in the Business Categories area.

Assigned Chamber/ Association Representative

The Chamber/Association representative indicates which staff person added this member to the database or who is responsible for their day-to-day activity – your choice. This field may also be left blank.

  1. On the General tab, click the Chamber Rep arrow (or Association Rep) in the Additional Information area.
  2. Click the desired staff person name.
  3. Click '''Save'''.

Reports may often be filtered by this Chamber/Association rep and used to create a list of which member “belongs” to a particular staff person.

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