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The Log a Call or Note feature may be used for logging phone calls, face-to-face communication, notes written, miscellaneous communication sent, and any other note. Calls may be viewed on the MembersCommunication tab and also in the Communication module where all members’ histories may be searched, filtered, and viewed together.


Steps: Log a Call or Note

1. On the Communication tab of the desired member, click New Communication.

2. Click Log a Call or Note.

Figure 1

3. Edit the Log a Call fields. See Figure 1 and Table 1.

Note: Some Log a Call fields may not be modified later - - only viewed. The Association Rep, Task and Notes may be modified at a later time. The Subject (title) may not be modified later.

4. Click Save & Exit.

Figure 2: Log a Call

Date of Call

Type the date that the communication occurred. The current date automatically displays but can be edited. Optionally, you may click the calendar icon and select the desired date.
Member Rep Select the name of the member representative that communication was with. Clicking not in list will allow you to add another member representative to the database.
Association Rep Select the staff person who communicated with the member. If the staff person is not in the list, they may be added by selecting Chamber Employees/Reps from the Setup menu prior to selecting Log a Call.
Task Select a task item that indicates the nature of this communication. New task items can be created by selecting Add a New Task Type in the edit task options. These task items are then available as a Task item across all member records. The ability to add new task items is only available to staff with Administrator level permissions.
Subject Type a subject for this call. The Subject is used as a title for this entry. Leaving this field blank results in a title of [not specified], and cannot be changed later. (Maximum characters = 100)
Notes Type any detailed information regarding this communication. This information may be modified later.
Table 1: ''Log a Call'' Fields

Note: Communication history for all members may be searched by selecting Member Contact Report from the Communication menu.