October 2015 Release Notes

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October 16,2015

This month's software updates include some additions to current features, tweaks to the interface and maintenance items. These updates will be available on October 16, 2015.

Display of member addresses: In order to support flexibility in the field labels used and the display of international addresses, locations where an address is entered will show the city, state and postal code in a stacked format instead of horizontal.

Member address field labels: The labels that identify the city, state and zip code fields will also reflect the common labels used in the country where your association is located. Locations that will automatically reflect your countries' labels include the back office screens, the updated event registration screens, the Member Information Center and the public modules.

Share by Phone icon on the public member, event and jobs/deals pages will only appear if you have United States selected as your Country under Setup->Organization Info since the cell providers available are US carriers only at this time.

Gift Cards menu item was moved from the left-hand menu and now appears under the Advertising menu in the left-hand menu.

Advertising menu items were re-arranged just a bit to include the Gift Cards Program Setup and Information. Hot Deals reports and Sponsorship reports were placed into their own sections.

Project/Task Manager - Pro edition only (beta)

  • The Projects and Tasks tabs will display next/previous and page number buttons at the bottom of the page when there are more items to display than what fits on a single screen.
  • When assigning a specific staff name as the owner of a task in a template, that specific staff name will be associated with that task instead of "Unknown User" when the template is used.
  • The Project name will now display in the Project column when viewing the tasks from the Members->Tasks tab.

Members-Advanced tab - When clicking into the # of members included in a business category, the checkbox "Include only Active/Courtesy member in the Member Count" is now pre-selected so that the default set of members displayed match the quantity that is listed on the Advanced tab.

Job Posting - Two address lines are now available to enter when creating/editing a job posting.

Events - Fixed issue where tax was not properly being reduced from an event line item if a discount was applied to a line item that was taxed.

Reports (Integrated Billing users only) - Find these by clicking Reports in the left-hand menu. Select Recently Added.

  • New! Invoice Discounts report - generates a list of discounts taken on invoices. Specify the Invoice date range or Discount date range. Filter by specific fee items or by account. Note: this report does not include event registration discounts but discounts on invoices.
  • New! Retention report - generates a financial and membership count report based on members that have joined/dropped and also based on number of members billed, dues paid, dues outstanding and dues written off. A retention percentage is calculated per month based on number of members that have paid for that month. Make sure to view the report in 'Show Extra Info" mode to include an explanation at the top of each column.
  • New! Renewals Detail report - shows detailed information about renewal invoices and the member name for the past 12 months with a goal to identify the timeliness of their payment. For the purposes of this report, renewal invoices are those where Dues items are billed and the due date is more than 6 month past the member's join date.
  • New! Renewals Summary report - the summary view of the above Renewals Detail report, indicating the quantity of renewal members that paid on time for the past 12 months.

Integrated Billing -

  • Voluntary fees that are set so they only export when paid will now properly credit the Sales tax account instead of crediting the entire amount to the voluntary fee account. This was only affecting taxable voluntary fees and only when the voluntary fees were set to export when paid.
  • The selections of Bank Deposit Account and Payment Deposit Account under Setup->Billing Options and Settings can now be set by Admin staff and it will apply to all staff.

Custom Rep Report - performance improvements made to how the report generates

API - Two new API calls were added to assist any 3rd parties associations that are using the MicroNet API:

Smart CMS Updates

  • Modified Page Url Feature - A website page Url can now be modified through the Page Properties area. Under Page Properties, the ‘Url’ field shows you the Url of the page you are on. Simply change the Url to the desired name, click save, and your page Url is updated. Simultaneously, a page redirect is added from your old page to your new page as an SEO best practice.
  • Slider Image Scheduled Publishing Feature - Pro users now have the ability to schedule images for publishing, as well as the ‘publish until’ date. You can schedule images to appear on a given date, and disappear on a separate date.
  • New Edit Website Button - Look for the new Edit Website button in the upper right corner of your database. This replaces the ‘CMS’ button that existed before. Clicking the Edit Website button will bring you to your SmartCMS website for editing.


Note: SmartCMS is MicroNet's Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to edit and manage your own website. If you use a different product to edit your website, then you will not see this button in your toolbar.