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What happens when someone places an order?

Members in your database will be marked as “Registered” when they login to the online storefront as long as they use their member or representative login and password. Their address information will also be imported into the storefront upon first time entry into the Store. In addition, their tax exempt status is also registered at that time. Changes to the Members module after the first-time connection made to the eCommerce storefront will not be reflected in the member's eCommerce record. It would need to be modified separately by either the member when logging into their eCommerce account or by your office staff under eCommerce > Customers > Customers.

Note: If a member/rep does not have an email address on their account when they first login to the storefront, then no fields from their address record will be imported into eCommerce either. Without an email address, the checkout process will give on the last screen error during checkout.