September 2015 Release Notes

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Release Training Webinar

The September software update includes several new features to Job Postings,eReferrals and SmartCMS which are available starting Sept 18, 2015. Watch this recorded webinar Vid.png to see these features in action.

Job Postings

Features to make it easier for your community and members to connect with online job seekers.

Check out these new additions to the Job Posting module.

  • Allow the public to submit job postings on your website
  • Create custom attributes such as salary range or number of hours per week to encourage targeted job searches
  • Search for a job by postal code or city
  • Add additional information to a job posting such as bulleted lists or links

Find the settings to enable public job submission and the geographic search under Setup->Job Posting Settings. This is also where you may create custom attributes. Once added, existing jobs may be edited and the appropriate attributes and all new jobs postings will ask for this criteria.

To accept public job submissions, you will need to create a member to "hold" these public submissions. This member is assigned in the setup area as the record where the jobs will temporarily be associated until the staff can access the pending job and assign it to either the proper member or create a new member. Public job submissions always come in as pending and never automatically approve so that you can appropriately connect them with the proper record..

Make sure to turn on automatic email notification when a job is submitted by choosing "Content (job,event) was submitted by the public that may need approval" for each staff person that should be notified. Locate this in Setup->Employees/Reps under Additional Settings.

The job searching area can be defaulted to always display the Advanced Search in the open position by logging in to your Internet Settings Control Panel (ISCP) and selecting Always Open or Default Open for #9 Basic Search Filter Display and #10 Advanced Search Filter Display on the General tab. This setting applies to the public business directory as well as the job posting search.

Note: When allowing jobs to be submitted from the public, if any job posting fees are being assessed, they will not be collected during that public submission. Instead the job will be displayed in your Task List as "Pending". You will then be able to invoice the individual or contact them for payment. Future releases may integrate payment into the public job posting but is not available at this time. Jobs submitted from the Member Information Center will collect payment.


Do you have potential customers that call or email asking for member information? Get the member info out to the customer and also let the member know you've just referred them by using eReferral which has been updated at this release to include a few other options. Lead sources can now be assigned to eReferrals. Ability to record an eReferral in the Communication history without sending email Referrals can be viewed by members in the Member Information Center (controlled by Permission settings) Quickly access the eReferral screen by clicking the Add button in your top-most toolbar.

To starting using the new Lead Source feature, click the setup options link that shows immediately after the Record and Notify heading (or under Setup->eReferral Settings/Options). You'll be able to create your own list of lead sources to identify who should be given the credit for this referral. Leaving the Lead Source blank is also an option.

Many times the referral is immediate and you'll want to notify the member by email. Click the Send Referral button to record it in the Members' communication history and also send an email to the member(s). (Note: this is a BCC copy so no one else will see who received it).

In cases where the referral happened days ago but you still want to record it so that members realize how much you promote them, there is now an option to record the referral without sending an email. Deselect Send email to Referral Recipients, and select the button called Record Referral.

In addition, you can display these referrals in the Member Information Center (MIC) for the member to see. Any recorded eReferral will display on the Referral Report under the Reports menu in the MIC. Permissions must be Enabled for Referral Report in their permission set to view this. By default, for existing customers this report will be enabled already whenever the Lead Lists report is also Enabled. Modify these setting under Member Login Area Options and Settings on the Permissions tab.

And last but not least, when selecting members to be referred (Step 2 in the image above) using Member by name and Member by category, you'll see an Advanced Filter option displaying a list of all your custom boolean (T/F) fields from your Members->General tab. Selecting the check box(es) will filter your selections to only include those members who are marked with that selection on their member record. This gives an opportunity for you to refer only selected members. For instance, if you have a custom check box to indicate when a member should receive referrals called "Paid Referrals", marking "Paid Referrals" checkbox when selecting the recipients of your eReferral will only add members to your Selected Referral Recipients that have "Paid Referrals" checked on their member record. Note: With Member by category, the filter does not apply until you select the category.


New Manage Area! The Manage area has a new look and functionality for even easier maintaining of your SmartCMS website. (See image to the right) Clicking on Manage will expand a menu on the left side of your screen, showing Page Properties, Menu, Appearance, Site Settings (and more) . These four Manage options have new features too! Each Manage ‘box’ can be pinned open, or moved on your screen to the preferred location by grabbing and dragging the top bar. (see image below)

Direct access to the File Manager. A new link is available in the Manage area. This provides direct access to the File Manager, making it easy to upload and manage your files for your website with one click. One Login Entry. Once you are logged into your database, you simply click on the CMS icon in the upper right corner to start editing your SmartCMS Website(s). There are no more busy parameter URLs to remember! Also, if you have Multiple SmartCMS Websites, clicking on the CMS icon will allow you to edit any one of your websites.


  • Previous and Next links will automatically appear at the bottom on your blog page when there are more entries than the limit you have specified. Comments on a post will also include automatic pagination when there are 20+ comments.
  • Display an unlimited number of blog posts on the public page instead of displaying a Previous and Next button. Set the # of posts to include on blog landing page to 0 (zero). When viewing the public blog landing page, as the visitor scrolls down, ~10 more posts will load whenever they are close to the bottom of the page, making it appear that they have 'infinite scrolling" or until they reach the last post.
  • When creating a widget for the Blog in the Internet Settings Control Panel (ISCP), there is now a selection to Enable Infinite Scrolling. See bullet point from above for what is meant by infinite scrolling.


When an event registration has been canceled by the staff person, it will no longer appear as an option that the registrant can edit when are registering for that same event. Turn on automatic email notification when an event is submitted by choosing "Content (job,event) was submitted by the public that may need approval" for each staff person that should be notified. Locate this in Setup->Employees/Reps under Additional Settings.

Member Information Center

The ability to change role type to/from Primary or Billing rep will be "grayed out" and unable to be modified by members on their Personal Profile page unless they have rights to manage other reps (Read/Write permission to Employees/Reps)

When uploading a photo for a representative, an additional image size is now being uploaded (unnoticed in terms of what is displayed but is happening in the background) that better supports the needed ratio when the images are included on the /groups public page.

Membership Application

  • The membership application styling was modified to remove hard-coded styling that was being applied when the Employee Count and Business Keywords were both enabled on the public application, which kept the customer styling from working effectively.

Request for Proposal (RFP module)

  • The RFP public submission form was modified to remove hard-coded styling that was being applied to the Description, Budget Notes and Instructions fields so that customer styling will now work properly. .


  • The Invoice Summary report includes a new filter by Invoice Due Date in addition to the filter by Invoice Date.
  • The Journal Entry Export report, the Summary version, includes an updated detailed break-out that is grouped by Account. Choose to view, print or download this information.


  • Print a member directory report filtered to include all active and courtesy members or filter based on whoever is listed in the public business directory. This new filter is available on both the "Two-Column Printable *Membership Directory" and the "Three-Column Printable Membership Directory"
  • Smart Reports were tweaked with a few fixes:
  • When you've just viewed a report and advanced into the report a few pages, then change the filter and rerun the report, it will now return to page 1 of report.
  • After selecting a date in the report filter, the date will continue to display even after making other filter selections.


  • Help icons were updated to ensure that references to Member Information Center v1 and v3 are removed and reference only MIC v4.
  • Ensured security compliance with various upcoming PCI DSS requirements.
  • Repaired broken privacy policy link on the login pages of ChamberMaster and MemberZone.
  • Group Role field was added to the API.
  • Balance Information will now properly be populated in the Staff App on the Info tab for each member (viewable only by staff)