September 2016 Release Notes

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This month's software updates include additions to current features, tweaks to the interface and maintenance items. View a short webinar to learn more - especially about how to use Advanced Custom Report builder to create envelopes, tent cards, labels and name tags.

Print Envelopes, Tent Cards, Labels and Name Tags

Use these provided mail merge templates[1] and your filtered report output to generate

  • Envelopes or labels for your members and reps
  • Name tags for event attendees or group members
  • Tent Cards for event attendees

The Word Mail Merge templates are available in the Advanced Custom Report Builder. Run your report to view and filter to the desired content. Click Word Mail Merge and pick from envelopes, labels, name tags and tent cards. Then click Perform Merge which will open the merged results in Microsoft Word, ready for you to print.

Note: The fields in your report must match exactly the fields in the Word template. So open and run a coordinating report template so you don't have to select the fields yourself. Click More Info to view the needed fields and suggested report template..

Template doesn't fit your needs exactly? Click Customize to open the raw template, make your changes, save and upload your custom version. Then Perform Merge to view and print your own unique version.

Vid.png Watch the video on how this works as it was introduced in our September release overview webinar — the applicable section demonstrating this feature is pulled out for you to view here


Security Tightened

Customers that began using ChamberMaster / MemberZone prior to May 2015 are being upgraded to the same level of password security that is already in place for newer customers - password hashing. Existing passwords will be switched over throughout the next few weeks until all passwords in all customer databases are fully hashed. No action is required on your part.

  • Member, rep and staff login passwords will no longer be displayed on-screen as clear-text but will always appear with **** (asterisks).
  • Reports that previously included the password will now display say [Password secured - not displayed]
  • Mail merge fields that previously included the password will now provide a link to the Forgot Password page
  • If staff previously used the clear-text password to
  • Login in as a member to check member experience, we would recommend a new way of accomplishing this — click the login selection next to the representative's name on the Reps tab or if still using the legacy member logins, use the Login as this Member link next to the member name when in the Members module.
  • Tell members their forgotten password, we recommend a new way of assisting — click the change/send password button in the Login Permissions section on the Reps tab. Provide your member with a new password or send them a reset password link.


Web Leads

  • When a website visitor selects to send an email to a member representative or clicks to request info from the member approval by your staff will now be required if the selection to Require Staff Approval Before Delivery is selected under Setup->Directory Control Panel. To ensure your staff receive email notification when a Web Lead is awaiting approval, select the All Web Leads Pending email notification under Setup->Employees/Reps in the Additional Settings for the desired staff.

Event Registration (Updated version only) Do I have this version?

  • When an event is free (no fees assigned to the event), staff will no longer be able to override the $0.00 amount with a value - the field for the amount will be grayed. To enter an amount, a fee item must first be assigned on the Fees tab.
  • When a credit card transaction has been recorded on an event registration, the Capture Payment button will no longer be available when clicking the Make a Payment button and choosing Credit Card as your payment method.
  • The Bill to email address will now appropriately be added to the invoices that are created when using the Record Payment button when clicking the Make a Payment button.
  • The Fee Item Description will now populate the Fee Item Description column in the download of the Guest List.
  • Tax calculations on event registrations when creating an invoice using the Record Payment button that include Promo Code or Member discounts are now properly calculating the appropriate tax associated with the discount amount.


  • The Member Longevity Report has a new filter - Renewal Month filter so you can narrow your results to those that are renewing this month.

Social Media Publishing

  • When Social Media Publishing is enabled for the first time, no immediate publishing of existing items in the database will occur. Items will begin to be published based on the publish dates set for the items and will not include any back log of older items.

Integrated Billing

  • A new Billing Template merge field is available to indicate the recipient of the invoice that places the representative name on the first line and the company name on the second line. The field is titled [invoice_billto_repfirst] and is available when creating/editing Invoice templates at the bottom of the Billing Template Fields section.
  • Updates to the Monthly Renewals and Monthly Renewals-epayment batches.
  • The Invoice Items column will no longer include the tax (if applicable) in the amount displayed - only the fee amount will show here so that the total in the column will match the total in the Amount column. Tax (if applicable) will still display at the bottom of the report.

The Tax column will display the Tax Set Name if that set applies to all the items in the invoice. If the invoice contains items that have a variety of Tax Sets applied, the Tax column will now display Per Fee Item so that it is known that each fee item will be receiving the appropriate taxed amount.

  • Whatever selection is made in the Tax column will apply to all the line items on the invoice with an exception for the new selection, Per Fee Item, which will apply the selected Tax Set of each item.

Directory Categories

  • When a Directory or QuickLink category name is updated, the associated URL which includes that name is also updated.

Best Practice Analyzer

  • The On-line Event Registrations entry on the Best Practice Analyzer will now only count those event registrations that truly were online from the public website or in the Member Information Center and not include registrations entered from the back office software. This will take effect at the next Best Practice Analysis Run after 9/23/2016.


  • When a Check / Money Order payment method is selected for the checkout selection and then "Mark as Paid" is selected on the Order, it will no longer create an entry in the Credit Card Listing report. In addition, this will now assign the appropriate default Payment Method of Cash or Credit Card on the payment on the Sales Receipt or Payment.

Public Modules - Banner ads

  • The underlying code that is used to provide a link from a sponsor's banner to a self-defined URL was modified to be a direct link vs. a pass-through link so that website crawlers will not mistakenly mark our customer site as malicious if the URL that is being referenced in the banner ad was the site flagged as such.

Integrated Payment Processing

  • Updates to the Monthly Statements were made to allow the report to load much quicker.
  • Fixed a penny rounding error that could occur with certain amounts entered in as a Single Direct Transaction.

Staff App

  • v9 Staff App: The area that can be tapped in order to activate the Payment icon on the Events guest list has been extended.

CQI (Legacy CQI Customers)

  • A CQI Client upgrade to version 3.2 was made available on 9/12/2016 which automatically prompts existing customers to update. This update is required for all customers using the legacy CQI connection in order to support hashed login passwords that will be activated for all customers in the next several weeks.


Look for the 'Edit Website' button appearing in the upper right hand-corner of your database to know if these updates apply to you. SmartCMS is MicroNet's Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to edit and manage your own website. If you use a different product to edit your website, then these SmartCMS updates will not apply to you.

Two new features and several updates are available with this software release to improve your SmartCMS experience.

Restoring Deleted Content

Have you ever deleted content from a page and wanted it back? With this software release, restoring deleted content is now available. When you delete a content block, it will be added to the Deleted Content box. Some details include:

  • Global content items will display at the top, and non-global items on a page level will display beneath the global items.
  • The most recently deleted content block will display at the top within the respected global and non-global sections.
  • To restore content, simply click and drag the content out of the box and into a content area on your page. Voila! Deleted content is restored.


Copy Page with Content

SmartCMS now has the added capability to copy an existing page and its content to create a new page. A new “Copy” button can be found in the Manage->Menu box. Clicking the Copy button will give you a choice to either:

  • Create a copy of the page with content This will make a new page with the same content. Use the existing content as a starting point, making changes as needed. Rename the page to give it a unique name.
  • Create a link to the existing page This will create a link to the existing page where you can rename the page name or keep the same name. The URL is the same as the copied page.


Other details include:

  • The “Link” and “Module” Menu types also have this new Copy feature.
  • The copied menu item will remain disabled until you enable the page for website visitors to view.
  • SEO Tip: When choosing "Create a copy of the page with content", update the Page Properties Title and URL fields with the new page name.

We have also changed the User Interface of the Menu for a better experience, where the Menu Item buttons now appear when hovering over the Menu Item.

Other Items in This Release

  • A new Layout is now available to our current theme library called "BOD-Staff". This can be used for the board of directors, staff, or committee members pages, to name a few.
  • Performance Improvement-Error Handling: When your login session has timed out you will now notice some new messaging for a better user experience.
  • Handling of incorrect HTML code: Validation has been added to detect incorrect HTML code within the Text Editor and the Header/Footer areas of SmartCMS. This will eliminate being locked out of your site by flagging the incorrect code so it can be fixed before saving.

Providing new features and more benefits is something that MicroNet, Inc. is committed to. Software release features are often generated from your feature requests. Those requests may be combined or adapted to fit with other requests or in response to industry related changes. We listen, evaluate, and implement based on greatest impact, most-requested, ability to integrate, and time-saving implication. In evaluating the benefit of one software release over another, realize that sometimes the updates have required much programming time but are not always visible in tangible terms. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your members.


  1. Word 2007 on Windows or Word 2008 on Mac or newer required