Set Unique Billing Amounts for Individuals

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By default, a group fee assignment sets all billing amounts the same for each individual within the group. These billing amounts may be modified on an individual basis.
Click Groups in the left-hand menu.
Click the Home tab and then click the title of the desired Group.
Click the Fees tab.
Individual billing amounts may also be set on the Roster tab. Click the desired Contact Name. Modify the Fee Amount and click Save Changes.
Click the quantity of group members in the Group Member Pricing area.
ChamberMaster Billing-Set Unique Billing Amounts for Individuals-CMBilling.1.083.1.jpg
Figure 5-5 Group Member Pricing area
Click in the Annual Fee column of the desired individual and make changes.
ChamberMaster Billing-Set Unique Billing Amounts for Individuals-CMBilling.1.083.2.jpg
Figure 5-6 Editing pricing for individual members of the group
Click Save Changes and then click Close Window.