Set up products customers receive when they make a donation

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The first step in setting up donations for your eCommerce Store is to create a fee item in the backoffice.

Create Your eCommerce Fee Item

1. Click on Setup

2. Under Billing, click on Fee Item List

3. On the Edit Fee Items list click Add Fee Items

4. Enter in the details of the new eCommerce Fee Item. Make sure to assign the "Item type" of eCommerce Fee

5. Click Save & Exit

Setup the Product

In the eCommerce module follow these steps to add in a product that allows the customer to enter in the amount they would like to donate.

1. From the backoffice, click on eCommerce in the left-hand navigation

2. Once you are on the Dashboard of the eCommerce module:

1. Click on Catalog
2. Click on Products
3. Click on Manage Products
4. In the Manage Products window click on Add New
5. In the Add a New Product window enter in the following information:
a. Product name
b. Short Description – this will show on the home page of your store
c. Enter the Full Description – This is where you will be able to explain the need or use of the donation
d. Set the Product Template as Single Product Variant
e. Check the box to Show on Home Page
f. Check the box for Published
g. Click Save and Continue Edit
6. Now that the item is created click on the Product Variants tab to the right of your product. Click Edit
7. On the Edit Product Variant for Product screen fill in the following areas:
a. Picture in you have one for your donation or you may add your association logo
b. Assign your eCommerce Fee Item
c. Select the option Customer enters price
d. Remove the check mark for Shipping enabled
e. Click Save

Your product is now available on the store! Members and guest will be able to make a donation for the amount they wish to share. If they are non-members the invoice/receipt will be recorded on the non-member record you created and if they are a member the invoice/receipt will be recorded on their account tab.