Settings for Mailing Labels

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Labels are viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader before they are printed. Adobe Acrobat Reader provides many options to resize your printed output (e.g. shrink to printable area) which may be desirable in certain cases. However, this setting, if left at any other selection besides None, will override the specific margins needed to successfully print labels in the correct location.

When selecting to print your labels, always make sure that the Page Scaling drop-down selection is set to None. See “Settings for mailing labels”.

Note: Sometimes your browser will open the PDF in a browser tab which doesn’t allow you to change these settings described above. This video explains how to ensure Adobe Acrobat Reader opens your PDF files.
Chrome Users: Type chrome://plugins in the url box and press Enter. Then disable the Chrome PDF Viewer and enable the Adobe Reader.


Firefox Users: Select Options from the Tools menu. Click Applications tab and search for Adobe. Change each selection to Use Adobe Reader.