Temp Automatic Recurring Credit Card Billing and ACH

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You can allow your members to save their payment information for re-use and you can setup their dues billing to use that saved information as well.

How It Works

With stored payments enabled, members who are paying online for membership or simply an event registration will have the option to save their credit card information. The next time they need to make a payment they can select a saved card and that will save them the time spent entering that information. All credit card bank account information is stored securely on the payment processor's site and not on the ChamberMaster / MemberZone server.

With saved credit cards or bank accounts enabled, your staff can setup a member's account to automatically bill their saved card for their membership dues.


  • Must use Integrated Payment Processing or Authorize.Net as your payment processor.
  • If using Authorize.Net you must have the Customer Information Manager enabled on your Authorize.Net account. See instructions for setting this up here.
  • Must have a Plus edition or greater version database.