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Your association logo will appear at designated areas throughout your integrated website and in the Member Information Center if you have it uploaded. If using Integrated Billing, it will also display automatically on default Invoice templates.

  1. Click Setup in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Organization Information.
  3. Click the + (plus sign) in the Business Logo area.
    Upload your logo-AdminTasks.1.57.1.jpg
  4. Click the + (plus sign) to browse your drive for the desired image.
    Note: The folder path that is displayed here is not significant and is not accessible at this time at any other location in the software. Future plans are that these images should be accessible at a common location so they can be used throughout the software. This folder is not visible in the Cloud Drive at this time. You are not able to navigate up to any other folder from this location.
    Upload your logo-AdminTasks.1.57.2.jpg
  5. Once you’ve selected (clicked) the desired image, click Upload.
  6. Click OK on the successful message.
    Upload your logo-AdminTasks.1.57.3.jpg
  7. Click the desired image Name in the list.
  8. Click Select.
    Upload your logo-AdminTasks.1.57.4.jpg
  9. Position the selection window around the area of the image that you’d like displayed.
    Upload your logo-AdminTasks.1.57.5.jpg
  10. Click Crop & Save.
  11. Click Save Changes.