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Getting Started

When your GrowthZone/ChamberMaster software if first installed, one or more users will be designated as Administrator. These individuals should ensure that your database is configured with some basic settings. As you continue using your software, you may desire to customize many different settings such as Custom Fields, Online Event Calendar preferences, and Member Information Center options.

If you are just getting started with Admin Tasks, watch this 32 minute overview video Vid.png

Configuring Basics

The GrowthZone support team works with your association as your data is converted and imported. Many items will already be customized to you. However, having a comfort level with viewing these selections and knowing where to change them if needed may be desired.

Four areas are commonly referenced in the first weeks of using your software:

  • Business Information (association name & address etc)
  • General Options (integration settings)
  • Employees/Reps (staff login names and passwords)
  • Business Categories (member online directory categories)

Set Up Organization Information

General Options & Settings

Staff/Employee Logins and Permissions

Add New Staff Access

Set Email Notifications

Modify Login Access

Business Categories

Modify Business Directory Categories

Printing Business Category Reports


Point of Interest Categories

MarketSpace Categories

Customizing the Software

Many options are provided for customizing the selections which allow the software to perform and look the way you want.

  • Membership Types may be created so you can assign Membership Types of your own through a drop-down list when creating or modifying your member’s record. Selecting your members by Membership Type then is an option that is available throughout the software.
  • Menu choices in the Members Only login area may be customized providing the precise experience that you desire for your membership.
  • The “look and feel” of other public website modules may also be customized using menu selections in “Event Options and Settings” or “Business Directory Control Panel”. Settings specific to Hot Deals, job postings, and MarketSpace may also be modified.
  • Social Networking options are available to allow Job Postings, Events, Hot Deals, New Members, and News Releases to be promoted on your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account with only a few one-time selections. This feature is only available to associations that have upgraded to the Plus edition or greater.
  • Plus edition users or greater may also include credit card as a payment method for event registration, online membership application payment, or when member pay bills online in their Member Information Center.

Note that only staff with Administrator Level permissions are able to make these changes.

Help Documentation

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