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Configuring Basics : Business Categories

Business Categories
If supplied, the MicroNet support team will import your business directory categories and maintain their association with the designated member(s). However, these categories are under your control and may be modified at your convenience.
Learn how to modify the business categories
After the initial import, it is also a great idea to double-check the categories and view the entire structure including sub-categories and associated QuickLinks, which may be new to your chamber business directory and thus may not currently be assigned. You may wish to assign these QuickLink categories at this time – which gives visitors to your website one more way to find your members.
Point of Interest categories, applicable when using services such as MyChamberApp must be assigned and setup in this area as well.
Business categories listed here may also be selected as MarketSpace categories, which are then available to be assigned to MarketSpace* items that display on your website.
*Note: MarketSpace is available only with ChamberMaster Plus and for those with the SEO module integration.
Business Categories-AdminTasks.1.09.1.jpg [the List of Business Categories]