Creating a group or mailing list

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1. Click Groups in the left-hand menu.

2. Click Create a Group on the Home tab. See Figure 9-2 below.


Figure 9-2 Create a group

3. Complete the Create a New Group fields for this new group. See Figure 9-3.


Figure 9-3 Create a new group fields – Tabbed view

4. Click Save.

5. Click the Group Name of the new group on the Home tab.

6. Click the General tab. Make sure the settings are correct.


1 - When selected, this group will display on your website in the Groups public module available at Public module version 2.0 or 3.0 is required.

2 – When selected, this roster list will be shown as a group/interest that may be searched by members in the Member Information Center version 3.

3 – When selected, members will have opportunity to join/leave this group/interest on their own in the Member Information Center version 3. The selection of Group Participant list or Rep Interest list determines where the selection will take place – under Groups or under Interests. Interests.

4 – When selected, this group will appear on your public website at the suggested URL where the public may add themselves to the group. Often used for consumers to subscribe to (join) your mailing lists.

5 – When selected, this group will automatically sync to Constant Contact.

7. Click the Roster tab.

8. Click one or more of the Add Group Members selections to add members to your group. See “Selections for adding group members explained” below.


FIGURE 9-4 Add group members

9. Continue adding representatives to your group using the Add Group Members selections until your group is complete.