Enable eCheck.Net (ACH) with Authorize.Net

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If you are a customer with Authorize.Net, eCheck.Net can be added on your account with them which is a fully integrated electronic check payment service.
Once eCheck.Net is added to your Authorize.Net account and you’ve also enabled the setting in the database, ChamberMaster / MemberZone allows bank account information to be received and processed. And if Customer Information Manager (CIM) is also enabled, then these accounts may also be stored securely and charged a recurring amount using selections from within ChamberMaster / MemberZone. This feature also allows a member to save account information for use next time they pay a bill or checkout.
Enable eCheck.Net with Authorize.Net
Note: these steps may change but should give the general idea of what it may require with your Authorize.Net account.
Login to your Authorize.Net account and locate the eCheck.Net information where you will find an application that needs to be submitted to Authorize.Net or access it on the web at http://www.authorize.net/solutions/merchantsolutions/merchantservices/echeck/
Complete and submit the application to Authorize.Net and wait for their approval and response (typically ~3 business days). You will be notified of your monthly and per-transaction processing limits for your eCheck.Net account and any other applicable fees.
Once approved by Authorize.NET, you may enable the ability to process echecks (ACH) in ChamberMaster / MemberZone.