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Getting Started

If you are just getting started with the Events module, watch this overview video and read Get the Big Picture.

Otherwise, just scroll down for FAQ, Common Tasks, and this module's Help Documentation.

Get the Big Picture

  • Events added to your calendar may be enhanced to include photos, sponsor logos and information, website links, and event description text that can be formatted as desired. Options also include online participant registration, special members only pricing, and an automatic email reminder to registered guests.
  • Event information may be kept for internal purposes only, displayed on the public website calendar, and/or a calendar available only to chamber members. The public events website displays a graphical monthly calendar, a list of current events, all events for the month, chamber-designated Featured Events, and the ability to search for desired event by category, keyword, or month. A printable listing is also available that contains all pertinent event details.
  • Invitations may be sent to potential participants and then automatically displayed on the participants list where their status may be changed from Invite Sent to Registered as RSVPs are received. From the participants list a roster sheet, name tags, or labels may be printed. Other output options include sending emails and downloading data to a comma separated value (.csv) file. Using a variety of filter options all output can be displayed by registration status, payment status, or according to self-selected filters.
Note: When creating a new event, work with the tabs in order as displayed. For example, after completing the General tab, setup the fees (if applicable) on the Fees tab. The Sponsor tab would be next, the Guest List, and finally the Account tab. You may complete them out-of-order if desired but there is a logical flow if working from left to right.
  • Event fees, designated for members or non-members, may be associated with each event. Individual invoices may be generated from the Events module for those requesting an invoice, and if credit card processing is set up then invoices/payments or sales receipts can be recorded automatically upon successful registration.

Maintaining the Events Calendar

Understanding the basics of how the Events module is organized will give a foundation for operation. Viewing existing events and learning to display only desired events will also be helpful. Then learn how to create, modify and manage events.

Event Module Organization

To add, edit, and manage the Events calendar, click Events in the left-hand menu where you can select the desired event and desired tab.
main menu
Figure 2-1 Main menu selection
events tabs
Figure 2-2 Events module

Event Tabs

Within the Events Module there are nine tabs: General, Fees, Sponsors, Advanced, Guest List, Account, Files, and Tasks.


Figure: Tabs in the Events Module

Calendar: Displays the internal events calendar in one of five views: list, day, month, week, or year view. Filter options may also be selected which would display only user-selected events. New events may be added from this tab by clicking the + sign on the desired date/time

General: Event information, placement options, and photos and images

Fees: Assign event fees, billing preferences, and discounts based on age, date, or volume

Sponsors: Designate event sponsors, logos, fees

Advanced: Specify Locations (if available) and Custom Fields

Guest List: Send invitations; add guests to the roster; print roster sheet, labels, and name tags; send emails; register invitees

Account: View income and payment activity, generate invoices and sales receipts (if applicable)


Tasks: 'Integration with the Project/Task Manager (Pro edition only) When creating a new event, work with the tabs in order as displayed. For example, after completing the General tab, setup the fees (if applicable) on the Fees tab. The Sponsor tab would be next, the Guest List, and finally the Account tab. You may complete them out-of-order if desired but there is a logical flow if working from left to right.

Working with the Calendar Tab

The Calendar tab displays an Events calendar that may be displayed in five different views: list, day, week, month, and year view. As the name suggests, List view displays all events in a list format. The day, week, and month view will display all events falling within the specified date range. The year view displays a graphical calendar allowing chamber employees to advance quickly to a particular date.

The calendar may also be filtered to display only certain events matching the desired criteria. Click clear filters to display all events again.

View the Internal Events Calendar

Click Events in the left-hand menu.
On the Calendar tab, click the Calendar View arrow to select the desired view.
If necessary, click Prev and Next to decrease or advance the calendar. Alternatively, you may click the calendar icon and select the desired month to view.



calendar view
Figure: Events calendar

Filter the Internal Events Calendar (display only specified events)

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Maintaining the Events calendar : Working with the Calendar tab : Filter the Internal Events calendar (display only specified events)

Filter the Internal Events calendar (display only specified events)
Tip: After selecting the desired filter, you may want to select the List calendar view. List view will allow you to easily view all filtered events.
On the Calendar tab, click filter options. filter options icon
Select the desired filter options. See Figure 2-4 and Table 2-2 below.
Click Continue.
When finished viewing the filtered list of events, click clear filters to view all events.
Events-Filter the Internal Events calendar (display onl-image8.png
Figure 2-4 Filter options

Event Calendar Filters

Approved: chamber employees have approved this event; displays on all designated calendars
Pending: an event submitted by a chamber member but waiting approval from a chamber employee
Disabled: an event that may or may not be current but will not be displayed on the public calendar; used to temporarily disable an event
Visibility: Select Internal Chamber Calendar, Chamber calendar, Public calendar, or Members calendar
Internal Chamber Event Calendar – When this option is checked the event can be filtered separately on the internal calendar system when you go to Events > Calendar tab and click on filter options.
Display on Public Events Calendar – When this option is checked the event will display on the website’s calendar as well as the upcoming events list. This option must be selected in order for the event to show on your public website.
Display on Members Only Calendar – When this option is checked the event will display on the Member Information Center (Members Portal) after they log in. This option must be checked for the event to show on the members’ calendar in the Member Center.
Display on Featured Events – This option allows for this event to be listed as a featured event on the featured events list.
Category: Select from all event categories
Location: Select from all locations (if applicable)
Keyword: Keyword must be a single word. Multiple single words may be specified which returns all events with either word. For example, keywords ski swap will display all events with ski OR swap in the title or description.

Selecting an Event

To edit event descriptions or dates, add photos, sponsors, participants or to modify any aspect associated with an event, the event must be selected and displayed in the Events drop-down list. See Figure 2-5 below.
events drop down
Figure 2-5 Farmers Market selected

Select an Event Using the Drop Down List

Within the Events module, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Event name. See Figure 2-6.
In the Events list, click the desired event name.
events drop down displayed
Figure 2-6 Events drop down list

Select an Event Using the Find Button

On the Find menu, click Event.
find menu
If desired, in the Event Name box, type any part of the event name. (This will limit the list of displayed events to those matching your criteria.)
In the Choose an Event list, click the desired event name.
find event menu
Figure 2-7 Event Look-up window
Click Continue.

Select an Event Using the Calendar View

In the Events module, click the Calendar tab.
Advance the calendar to display the desired event.
Click on the desired event title.

Adding an Event

Add an Event

Importing Events from an iCal Feed

Editing Event Information

Edit Event Information

Photos and Images

Add a Main Event Photo or a New Gallery Photo

Remove a Main Event Photo or a Gallery Photo

Change an existing Main Event Photo or Gallery Photo

Add a Video

Add a Map Image

Add Custom Fields

Create a recurring event

Set the recurrence of an event

Edit a specific instance

To edit all event instances

Placement Options

Select placement options

Select an event category

Edit event categories

Deleting an Event

Permanently delete an event

Syncing with your calendar

Sync Events with Outlook

Synch your events with Google Calendar

Synch your events with Apple iCalendar

Synch your events with your iPad or iPhone

Event Fees and Billing

Create Event Fees with CQI (Legacy)

Create Events Fees (Integrated Billing)

Assign Event Fees

Assign Event Registration Fees

Assign Additional Fee Item

Edit an Event Fee Once Assigned

Remove an Event Fee Once Assigned

Select Billing Preferences

Save Billing Preferences

Create Discount Options

Create an Age-Based discount

Create an Early Registration Discount

Create a Volume-Based Discount

Create Membership Type Discount

Create Promo Code Discount

View Account Information

View the Event Account Information

Create Event Invoices and Sales Receipts

Create Event Invoices/Sales Receipts when QuickBooks is Integrated

Create Event Invoices Using Integrated Billing Module


Managing Sponsors

Add a Sponsor

Remove a Sponsor

Add Additional Attendees with a Sponsor

Remove an Additional Attendee with a Sponsor

Add Additional Fee Items to a Sponsor

Remove an Additional Fee Item

Create Sponsorship Levels

Create Output from the Sponsor List (print, download, name tags, labels etc.)

Guest List


Send Invitations

Create Mailing Labels for those with “No Invite Sent” Status

Register an Invitee

Resend Invitations to those not yet Registered

Working with the Guest List

Creating a Guest List

Managing the Guest List

Guest List Output Options

Send Event Reminders

Reports and Labels


Generate and Email a List of Events

Generate List of Events

Email the Event Listing

Customize Event Name Tags

Customize Online Event Calendar Display and Registration Options

Modify Event Options and Settings

Modify the list of Event Categories

Registration Options


Common Tasks

Help Documentation

Browse Events Help