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Sending communication via email and letters may be simplified by creating self-defined groups in the Groups module.

For instance, if you frequently send emails to your Budget Committee . . instead of selecting the 12 members of that committee each time you send an email, you first create a group in the Groups module called the Budget Committee. Add each of the 12 members to that group. Then when you go to send the email, you simply select the Budget committee as the recipient of the email with one simple click.

Groups Overview Video

Create a Group

  1. Click Groups in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Create a Group on the Home tab.
  3. Complete the following settings:
    • Group Name: Enter a name for the new group.
    • Group Type: Select a group type from the drop-down list.
    • Status: Select Enabled from the drop down list.
    • Description Enter an optional description of the new group.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the Group Name of the new group on the Home tab.
  6. Click the General tab.
    New Group.JPG
  7. Configure the following settings as desired:
    • Member Options
    Allow members to view/search this group in Member Information Center - When selected, this roster list will be shown as a group/interest that may be searched by members in the Member Information Center.
    Allow members to join/leave this group within the Member Information Center. - When selected, members will have opportunity to join/leave this group/interest on their own in the Member Information Center. The selection of Group Participant list or Rep Interest list determines where the selection will take place – under Groups or under Interests. Interests.
    • Public Options
    Allow the public to view this group roster at /groups/GroupRoster/young-professionals-4 - When selected, this group will display on your website in the Groups public module. Click Public Display Settings to modify how the group is displayed.
    Allow the public to join/leave this group at /communication - When selected, this group will appear on your public website at the suggested URL where the public may add themselves to the group. This is often used for consumers to subscribe to (join) your mailing lists.
    • Additional Options:
    Display this group name on the Email Subscriptions opt-in/out page - This selection will ensure that the name of the group is displayed on the resulting opt-in/out page that uniquely displays for a recipient of an email when they click the Unsubscribe link in the bottom of their email.
    Disable ability to opt-out from this groups' emails. (also overrides prior email opt-outs) - When selected, this group cannot be unsubscribed from. Select this checkbox to make sure your board members or other committee members don't accidentally unsubscribe themselves from your group. Use only on rare occasions when you know your subscribers have agreed to this email relationship with you.
    Display this group in "about" section of "Community App". (app required) - When selected, this group will be accessible through the community app (when purchased).
  8. Click Save.

Add Members/Reps to a Group

  1. On the group's Roster tab, select from the following options to add members to a group:
    • Add representatives by type/status: Select this options to add members to the group based on their membership type and/or membership status.
    • Add representatives by member: Select this option to display a list of members, from which you may select the members to add to the group. All reps of the member will be added to the group. If you wish to select specific reps, use the Add specific reps by member name option described below.
    • Add representatives by category: Select this option to display a list of all directory categories. The representatives associated with the member that is assigned the category will be added to the group.
    • Add representatives from other groups: Select this option to display a list of all groups. Select the group(s) from which you would like to add representatives. NOTE: All representatives from the group will be added.
    • Add individual representatives: Select this option to display a list of all representatives, you may then choose the individual representatives that you want to add to the group.
    • Add specific reps by member name: Select this option to display a list of all members. Once a member is selected, you may choose the specific reps of the member to add to the group.
  2. For this example, select Add specific reps by member name.
    Emp look up.JPG
  3. Choose the member whose reps you wish to add from the list, or search for a member by typing the name in the Member Name text box. To view all members, clear the Show active & courtesy members only. check-box.
  4. Double-click the desired member. All representatives of that member will be displayed as selected in the Select Reps: window.
    Select Rep.JPG
  5. De-select the check-box(es) for the reps you do not wish to add to the group.
  6. Click Add to Group.

Add new members to mailing lists immediately

Group membership must be maintained through manual selection or removal of names. To keep your initial mailing list up-to-date, you might consider adding new members to the appropriate mailing lists immediately after creating the new member record. Following is one example of how this might happen.

  1. Immediately after a new member has been added to the ChamberMaster database and with the new member record selected in the Members module, click the Reps tab.
  2. Ensure that all desired reps for this new member have been added. If not, add reps at this time by clicking Add a New Rep.
  3. Click the name of one of the reps in the List of Representatives area.
  4. Scroll to the Group Participation area at the bottom of the screen and click Join a Group.
  5. Click the desired group to join.
  6. Click the double right arrow to move the desired group to the Selected Groups list box.
  7. Click Continue.

Figure 9-19 Join a group

8. If this representative should belong to more groups, complete steps 4-7 again until they belong to all desired groups.

9. If other representatives should belong to groups as well, perform steps 3-7 above and select the next desired representative.

Create Group Fee Item

Note: Finance or Administrator permission level is required to add fee items to groups
  1. Click Groups in the left-hand menu.
  2. On the Home tab, click the link for the desired group.
  3. Click the Fees tab.
  4. Click Assign Fee Items. NOTE: If you have not previously created the needed group fee item, you may click on Define Fee Items. Click Here for instruction on setting up fee items.
    Assign Fee.JPG
  5. Select the Fee Item Type from the drop-down list.
  6. If needed, edit the Fee Amount.
  7. If needed, edit the Billing Cycle. The Billing Cycle tells the software how frequently the fee item should be billed. For example, if you want to bill the annual fee monthly, select Monthly.
  8. Click Save & Exit.

Billing Group Fees

To create invoices for a group that has been assigned a fee item with a One-Time billing cycle, Bill Group Now must be selected on the group's Fees tab. Creating invoices for a group that has been assigned a fee item with a recurring billing cycle (Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly), allows you to invoice from the Billing module by selecting the Group batch type and the appropriate Billing Month. These fees are treated as recurring fees and will be included automatically in Group billing batch.


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