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===Quick Links===
===Quick Links===
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center; width:100%; max-width:1080px;"
*'''[http://micronet.memberzone.org/eventcalendar/Search?catgId=16676&mode=1 Live Workshop Calendar]'''
*'''[http://micronet.memberzone.org/eventcalendar/Search?catgid=16679&mode=1 Regional Trainings]'''
! Training Opportunities !! FAQs !! Help Index
*'''[[Training_Videos | Recorded Webinars]]'''
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
*'''[http://supportwiki.micronetonline.com/Training_Videos How To Videos]
| style="width:33%;" | [http://micronet.memberzone.org/eventcalendar/Search?catgId=16676&mode=1 Live Workshop Calendar] <br /> [http://micronet.memberzone.org/eventcalendar/Search?catgid=16679&mode=1 Regional Trainings] <br /> [[Training_Videos | Recorded Webinars]]<html> <a href="http://supportwiki.micronetonline.com/Training_Videos" target="_blank"><img src="/images/3/31/Vid.png" /></a></html> <br /> [[How-To_Videos | How-To Videos ]]<html> <a href="http://supportwiki.micronetonline.com/How-To_Videos" target="_blank"><img src="/images/3/31/Vid.png" /></a></html> <br /> [[Training_Videos#23._Training_For_Your_Members | Training for your Members]]<html> <a href="http://supportwiki.micronetonline.com/Training_Videos#23._Training_For_Your_Members" target="_blank"><img src="/images/3/31/Vid.png" /></a></html>|| style="width:33%;" | [[Getting_Started | I'm a new employee where do I start?]] <br /> [[ChamberMaster_Billing-Create_Recurring_Member_Invoices | How do I do my monthly billing/renewals?]] <br /> [[Send_a_Mass_Email_Invitation_to_Create_Representative_Logins | How do I give my members logins?]] <br /> [http://supportwiki.micronetonline.com/Track_a_Refund_in_Integrated_Billing How To: Refunds] <br />[http://www.chambermaster.com/integrated-payment-processing/ Integrated Payment Processing]  || style="width:33%;" | [[Member_Management|Members]] <br /> [[Events|Events]] <br /> [[Groups|Groups]] <br /> [[Communication|Communication]] <br /> [[Billing|Billing]]

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