Member Management FAQs

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Member Management FAQs

Member Management FAQs
I’m “missing” members in my drop-down list. Where did they go?
“This page is not available for the [Community Member] record”. What does that mean?
How do I drop or inactivate a member? What happens?
Will the software warn me if I try to create a duplicate member?
Does updating the member contact info automatically update my representative contact info?
What does the pushpin do?
How is the Contact Preference field used on the Reps tab?
What is the Greeting field used for?
Can I view history for each rep?
How do I specify who my featured members are?
Who can login to the Member Information Center? Can prospects, courtesy or non-members login?
Why can’t I view (see) my member/rep password?
How do I know what permissions my rep has?
Why is my member being asked to verify their identity when creating a login?
How do I invite my reps to create a login account and access the Member information Center?