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A custom membership application may be integrated with your website so that applicants may complete the form online, which places the member in your database without further entry on your part.

  • Setup the Application
  • Processing the Applications

How it works – the big picture!

Each new applicant is automatically created in your database as a Prospective member. Staff is notified of this new prospect by viewing Mbr Signups in the Task List. Applications paid by credit card will also send an email to your organization.

From the Task List, staff may choose to Approve or Decline the application. Additional selections to create a receipt or invoice are also available depending on whether the prospect requested to be invoiced or paid by credit card. Approve will automatically change the member status to Active. Decline will change the member status to non-member. In each case, the record of their application is available for viewing on the Application History tab for 90 days. Exporting this information is also possible.

An option is also available to allow auto-approval of an application that is paid by credit card.

A member or individual rep login is created automatically upon completion of the application.

If you have integrated your credit card credentials (Plus edition or greater only), then the applicant may pay immediately by credit card if desired. “Bill Me” is an option regardless of which edition of the software you have.

To streamline the follow-up tasks, each application will display options to create the invoice or sales receipt from the Mbr Signups Task List*. (*only available when using integrated Billing)