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Membership Types may be created so you can assign them to a drop-down list when creating or modifying your member’s record. Selecting your members by Membership Type then is an option that is available throughout the software.

Define Your Own Membership Types

Click Setup in the left-hand menu.
Click Define Membership Types.
Define your own Membership Types-AdminTasks.1.22.1.jpg
Figure 2-1 Define Membership Types selection
Click Add New Type.
Users of ChamberMaster Plus will have an option to Set Icon for each Membership Type. Upload a .jpg or .gif file for each Membership Type which will display next to the name of any member assigned to this Membership Type in the online Business Directory. Maximum graphic size is 30 x 12 pixels.
Define your own Membership Types-AdminTasks.1.22.2.jpg
Figure 2-2 Adding new Membership Type
Type the desired Membership Type.
Click Save.
Continue adding new types and then click Continue when desired Membership Types have been created.

Assign Membership Type to a Member

How are Membership Types used?