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  1. Click Setup in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Customer Messages in the Billing area.
  3. The current list of Customer Messages will display.
    1. To add a new Customer Message selection, click Add New Message. Type the name of the new customer message in the Message Name field (replacing –New Message-). Then click edit text and type the actual message in the editor window that appears. Click Continue. Click Save.
      The Message Name is what appears in the drop down as available messages to select. The Message Name identifies the message for internal purposes and is not visible on the invoice.
    2. To remove a Customer Message, click the check box (to select it) at the beginning of the row of the desired Customer Message to be removed. Click Remove Selected Items. Note: Any previous transactions with this Customer Message will no longer have a Customer Message displayed.
    3. To rename a Customer Message Name, click within the Name of the desired Customer Message. Make desired changes. Click Save Changes.
    4. To edit the message of a Customer Message, click edit text in the row of the desired Customer Message. Make desired changes. Click Continue. Click Save. Note: All previously recorded transactions that used this Customer Message will now have the new Customer Message.
      The font style and size selected as you create the Customer Messages will follow-through onto the invoice as well. Font color does not follow-through; all Customer Messages remain in the black font color.
  4. To exit this area, click Close. Click Yes.