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The News Release feature is a great way to publish press releases, event summaries, and business news to your website and/or Member Information Center. Your members can submit a News Release for your approval through the Member Information Center, or you can create a News Release on their behalf from your Dashboard.

Once you set a News Release to "Approved", it will be live in the News Releases section of the MIC...

Figure: News Releases in the MIC

or the News section of your website.

Figure: News Releases on a website

Instructions for Members: Submitting a News Release

  1. Member logs into the Member Information Center.
  2. Select News Releases from the left side menu.
  3. Click Add News Release.
  4. Complete the on-screen form and click Submit for Approval.
  5. Click Back to List at the bottom of the screen.

Instructions for Staff: Approving a News Release

  1. Login to your Dashboard.
  2. Below the left-hand menu, click the Task List item titled News Releases. The pending News Release items will be shown.
  3. Click the title of the News Release so that you can make any changes needed (such as editing the content, setting publish start and end date, assigning a category).
  4. When ready, change the status from Pending to Approved and click Save. Once the status is Approved, then the release will show on your site beginning on the Publish Start Date.

Figure: The Task List

Instructions for Staff: Creating a News Release

1. Log in to your Dashboard at or

2. On the left-hand menu, click News Releases

Figure: The News Release "Home" tab

3. Click the Add a News Release button

4. In the Create a News Release Article dialog box, enter a title for your News Release and the date range you would like the News Release to appear. Click Continue

Figure: The News Release "General" tab

5. Complete the remaining fields and click Preview to see how your News Release will look to the public. When done editing, change the Status to "Approved" and click Save Changes. The News Release will not be visible until the Publish Start Date occurs.

Note: If this News Release is being published on behalf of a particular member, select that member by clicking the Member: select a member link. Then select their name from the "Member Look-up" dialog box and click Continue

Note: The Displayed Release Date will default to the Publish Start Date. If you would like a different date displayed on the News Release, enter it here.