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Our support team will provide your initial login name and password for a single staff person. Additional login names and passwords may be created at your convenience under Setup > Employees/Reps. Default address, phone number and email address information for each staff person are modified here as well.

You will assign a certain level of permission to your staff based on their need for access to financial information, administration tools and basic member information.

Receiving the highest permission level of Administrator gives the ability to modify any of the settings in your software – including the ability to add/remove other staff logins and assign different permission levels.

Staff Permission Levels

  • Administrator: Staff/employee with all available rights in the software; full access to all financial and setup areas; able to add new database fields within the software screens
  • Finance: Staff/employee with all rights except ability to modify Setup selections
  • Standard User: Staff/employee with all rights except ability to modify Setup selections and access the QuickBooks or Billing menu.
Standard User permissions still allow the ability to view invoice and payment activity on the members’ account.
  • Disabled: Staff/employee with this permission level will not be able to login to the software.