Why is a member being asked to verify their identity

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When you send out an account creation email invitation and direct it to the member (instead of the rep), the verification step may be required.
To avoid having that verification screen appear for your members, do not send the account creation email to the member email address but only to the representatives email address.
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Example of when verification is not required
Best Practice: When an account creation email is sent to the representative email, then no additional verification is required.
For example, send the account creation invitation email from the Members->Reps tab under the Login Permissions area.
Or if wanting to send a mass invitation, make sure to select your recipients using Add Representatives selections.
Example of when verification screen is required
For example, if you go to Members-General tab and click Email Member (see below), and send the “Create Login Account Invitation” email, the email will be sent to the member email address but the link in the email will be prepared for the primary rep.
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Example of why verification information may be required
If the primary rep does not have an email address listed on their account (In the Personal Information section of the Members->Reps tab), then the verification screen will appear asking for an email address as verification that this rep belongs to this member.
Note: if the primary rep has an email address on the Personal Information section of the Members-Reps tab, then no verification will be required. They will be allowed to create a login account that will be associated with their primary rep account.
The rep would need to enter the email address on the Members->General tab into the Verification screen in order to create an account using that link. Or if an email address was later entered in on their account (after the invite was sent), then they could provide that email address on the verification screen.