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Managing Members

Login Permissions

This video demonstrates how to work with existing reps and take advantage of inherited permissions, as well as how to handle permissions labeled “Custom Set”. Time: 5 minutes.

Inviting Reps to Create a Login Account

View how to send a single or mass email to members, inviting them to create their login account to access the Member Information Center. If you have your own template and want to embed the new “Create Account Link”, you’ll see where to access that database field. Time: 7 minutes

Password Security for Reps

This video discusses how to handle password management for members. Time: 3 minutes.

Store Files on a Member's Account

Store files specific to a particular member on the Members > Files tab. Time < 1 minute.

Using Member Merge

Demonstrates how to merge two members together Time: 1 minute.

Creating Reminder Tasks

View how to create a reminder that will show in the Task List on the day it is due. Time 1 minute.

Use Advanced Filter Options to View Members

Using the advanced filter in the Members module, you can view only the members that meet your particular criteria. This example shows how to limit members to those assigned to a particular sales rep. Time: < 1 minute.

Setup Required for Prospect Tracking

Quick demo of how to create a sales stage that you can use to track your prospects. Time < 1 minute.


Setting Up the Chart of Accounts

How to properly set up the Chart of Accounts. Tips for QuickBooks and Peachtree users, assigning an Account Code for use of the Recognized Income reports.

Creating an Individual Invoice

Creating a single invoice for a member. Time: 3 minutes.

Setting Up Sales Tax

How to set up sales tax in your billing system. Time: 4 minutes.

Set Up Fee Items

How to properly set up fee items so that they report correctly within the billing module and on financial reports. Time: 5 minutes.


Creating a Group

How to create a group. Explains how to update contact information and options for getting subscribers into the list. Time: 7 minutes.

Disable a Rep Within a Group

Learn how to disable a rep within a group that will allow you to retain history of member participation. Time: 1 minute.


Sending a Mass Email

Shows the steps to send a mass email to all active members in the database. Time: 5 minutes.

Using Mail Merge Fields

The basic description of how to insert mail merge fields into your email. Time: 4 minutes.


Create a Recurring Event

Setup your monthly luncheon or other regular event by creating a recurring event. Time: 2 minutes.