Refund a GZ Pay Transaction

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Refund a GrowthZone Pay Transaction

At times you may need to refund a GrowthZone Pay transaction. This will be a two step process, first you will refund to the credit card, then you will create the reversing transaction.

  1. Click Billing in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Reports tab.
  3. Click Payment Processing Reports / Management Tools in the Banking section.
    Pay Processing Transactions.JPG
  4. Locate the payment you wish to refund. You can click the Select Member link to choose a specific member, or you can enter a specific date range.
  5. For the desired payment, click the Refund link in the Actions column.
    Refund CC.JPG
    NOTE: Unsettled may be displayed in the Action column instead of Refund. Unsettled indicates that this transaction is very new - typically less than 24 hours old. After about 24 hours, the credit card company will allow a refund to be processed.
  6. Click OK to process the refund. NOTE: You may also update the Refund Amount if you wish to only process a partial refund.
  7. Click Yes to confirm you wish to process the refund.
  8. After the refund is process, click Yes to create the matching accounting transaction. IMPORTANT: If the payment was made towards a receipt, the option to automatically create the matching transaction will not be presented. You will need to create a negative sales receipt on the members account tab for the matching transaction. See Create a Negative Sales Receipt for a GZ Pay Transaction.
    Refund Transaction.JPG
  9. On the receipt screen, the line items that were paid with this credit card will be displayed. The total will be set to a negative value. If you are refunding the entire payment.If you are doing a partial refund, remove the negative sign from the items you are not refunding.
    Neg Sales Receipt.JPG
  10. Click Save.

Create a Negative Sales Receipt for a GZ Pay Receipt

  1. For the desired member, click the Account tab.
  2. Click the New Sales Receipt button in the Transaction History section.
    Negative Sales Receipt.jpg
  3. Select the fee item for which you are processing the refund from the Item Type list.
  4. Enter a negative amount to reflect the refund in the Price column.
  5. Click Save.