Send a Mass Email Invitation to Create Representative Logins

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Watch a video on how to send the "create account" email invitation.

  1. A mass email may be sent to your representatives inviting them to create a login and access the Member Information Center.
    Ensure that all representatives are marked with the proper role assignment. Look at the selection of Primary and Billing on the Members -> Reps tab in the Personal Information area for this role assignment.
    Hint: Run a custom representative report that includes the fields “Is Primary Contact” or “Is Billing Contact” to ensure you’ve assigned the desired role for each rep. Default permissions are assigned according to this role but may be changed or overridden later if desired.
  2. Select Communication in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click New Email to Multiple Members.
  4. Select the desired recipients
    Hint: Select representative email addresses using the choices under Add Representatives. If sending to a member email (choices under Add Members), the primary rep will be invited. Although this works, your member may be asked for more verification information.
  5. Click Edit with ChamberMaster / GrowthZone.
  6. Select the predefined template called “Create Login Account Invitation”.
    Add your own subject line and make desired changes if desired. No changes are necessary though – only if you desire. The personalized link in the email is what will allow them to create their login with appropriate permissions.
    Note: you may also create your own email and simply embed the personalize account creation link using the mail merge field title “Create Account Link”. Find this field by clicking Add Database Field, open the Rep Contact Information section, and select Create Account Link. This will populate with the specific registration link needed for each rep that receives the email. See this video starting at 4:20.
    Predefined template for creating representative logins
  7. Click Send Email Now.
    Create Account Screen
    When the email is received and the personalized link is selected, the rep will be brought to a screen where they may create their own login and password. Their email address will be suggested as the Login Name. Or if not available, then another suggestion will be provided. They will be allowed immediate access to the Member Information Center.
    Notification if account has already been created.
    Note: Those that already have a login created will receive a message that an account has already been created. They will be redirected to the login page or to the page where they can request a reminder.