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Name tags may be created that will list a participant's name and business name. If you desire additional participant information or to include a graphic on the name tab, you may wish to download the name tag data and import into Microsoft Word where you can customize the name tag as desired.
See '''[[Events#Create_Event_Name_Tags|Create Event Name Tags]]'''.
==Download the Name Tag Data==
:1. Click '''Events''' in the left-hand navigation bar.
:2. Select the desired event from the '''Events''' drop-down list.
:3. Click the '''Guest List''' tab.
:4. In the '''Guest List''' section click on the '''Report''' button
:5. In the '''Report Items''' window select '''Style 3'''
:6. Complete the '''Guest List Report Filters'''
:7. On the '''Name Tags''' options screen click the '''Download Name Tag Data'''

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