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ChamberMaster/MemberZone Software Editions

There are five editions of the software: Pro, Premier, Plus, Standard, and Starter edition. Refer to] for updated products and pricing.

To upgrade or ask additional questions on your edition or regarding our new GrowthZone platform, contact customer support.

ChamberMaster or MemberZone?

Because their features and functionality are identical, the names ChamberMaster and MemberZone are used interchangeably on this site.

Already know what you're looking for?

Just enter a keyword or phrase into the search box in the upper-right corner of any page.

Need to get up to speed on a particular area like Events or Integrated Billing?

Click on a category link to your left. Another good place to start is with an introductory video which exists for each module. A complete list is available on the Training Videos page. Shorter videos on specific topics can be found throughout this help site. Simply click the icon to view a video . PDF slideshows are available for most training videos. These can be viewed in your browser by clicking the PDF icon .

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