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Password protected access to the Member Information Center is available* to each individual rep.

  • Each rep must have a unique login and password within your database
  • Permissions, designated by the office staff, are assigned to a permission set
  • A Permission set is assigned to each individual rep

A login for each rep provides opportunity to limit permissions based on login name, giving more permission to certain reps and less to others. Other advantages exist as well, such better tracking and more opportunities for participation in features such social interaction.

Case Study

The member Ace Hardware who has three reps listed on the Reps tab would have three logins associated with their account.

  • One rep could be assigned the Billing permission set and only allowed to login and pay bills.
  • Another rep could be assigned the Standard permission set so that they can register for events and update their own profile.
  • The third rep could be assigned the Primary permission set which allows them to edit the company information and post jobs and deals on behalf of the member.
  • Custom permission sets may be also created and assigned to provide additional detailed control.

How to Know if Your Rep Has a Login Assigned

1. Click Members in the left-hand menu.

2. Click the Reps tab.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Open the section titled “Login Permissions for...”.

4. Look to see if there is a Login Name listed.

5. If not you can send an invite to your rep so they can create their own login.

  • Customers that joined us before the winter of 2011 will only have a single member login enabled (one login per member found on Members->Web tab) unless rep logins have been assigned/created since then. Without rep logins, control of what is seen in the Member Center happens member by member – not rep by rep.