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Live webinars are offered regularly as well. [http://events.chambermaster.com/events/calendar Webinar Calendar]
Live webinars are offered regularly as well. [http://events.chambermaster.com/events/calendar Webinar Calendar]
#Overview <html><a href="http://www.screencast.com/t/MV44cxBfvZEV"><img src="http://testsite1.dev.micronetonline.com/images/3/31/Vid.png" /></a></html>  
#Overview <html><a href="http://www.screencast.com/t/MV44cxBfvZEV" target="_blank"><img src="http://testsite1.dev.micronetonline.com/images/3/31/Vid.png" /></a> <html><a href="http://cloud.chambermaster.com/userfiles/UserFiles/chambers/9001/File/Training/webinars/OverviewChamberMasterMemberZone.pdf"><img src="http://testsite1.dev.micronetonline.com/images/3/31/Pdf.png" target="_blank" /></a></html></html>  
#Member Management Basics
#Member Management Basics
#Administrator Training
#Administrator Training

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Training Videos are anywhere from 15-60 minutes in length. Many of the accompanying PDF slideshows also contain links to short 2-3 minute videos.

Live webinars are offered regularly as well. Webinar Calendar

  1. Overview </html>
  2. Member Management Basics
  3. Administrator Training
  4. Intro to Communication & Groups
  5. Intro to Reports
  6. Events I: Create and Promote
  7. Events II: Registration and Billing
  8. Billing I: Getting Started
  9. Billing II: Day to Day Activities
  10. Intro to Info Request
  11. Intro to Jobs & Hot Deals
  12. Setup and Process Membership Applications
  13. Billing Export
  14. Marketing Package
  15. Intro to LiveEdit
  16. MarketSpace and Task Reminder Updates
  17. Plus Features