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Which version do I have?

There are four versions of our website modules:

  • Version 1, our original website modules
  • Version 2, introduced Spring 2010
  • Version 3, introduced Fall 2012
  • Version 4, introduced January 2019

Click here to view a video on how to see which version you are using, and how to upgrade.

Determine your version by viewing your customized upgrade instructions which displays your current version at the top. Find your instruction on the Dashboard > Message Center tab in the “Customer Service” section of the screen. See Integration Settings Control Panel for further information.

Available Website Modules

  • A member directory link allowing a consumer the ability to search the member database and display member information.
  • A calendar link giving information about designated chamber or association and/or member events
  • A job posting link that searches the database for available jobs posted by member businesses
  • A link that displays special promotions and deals at member businesses, commonly referred to as a Hot Deal
  • A link that displays Member-to-Member Deals where members display discounts and promotions to fellow members*
  • A link for consumers to request specific information and publications to be sent to them while soliciting pertinent marketing information from them**
  • A link for accepting online membership applications
  • A member map which displays member businesses on a map identified with a pin that links to the members’ information page*
  • A link for displaying news articles*
  • A link for marketing miscellaneous items; space for rent, military discounts, student coupons etc called MarketSpace*
  • A link for displaying designated groups for viewing on your website, giving the members name, title and other information; used to show committee and board member lists to the public
  • A “Contact Us” link
  • Member Information Center login link where members can access their password protected members’ only website
  • A link that display current weather in your location

*Available with Plus or greater

**Available with Basic, Plus or greater

Note: A single entry in your database will display within your database but will simultaneously provide necessary information to those seeking information when searching your web site. Detailed control of what is displayed is always in the hands of your staff.

Contact customer support to schedule your web integration.