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Software Editions : Website Integration : Search Engine Optimized website integration

Search Engine Optimized website integration
Search Engine Optimized (SEO) module integration, the current method of website integration since Spring 2010, refers to a method of integrating the database with your website - the "SEO method of integration" - that increases your search engine results in multiple ways and will continue to offer more features than our legacy method.
If your integration with database was completed prior to Spring 2010 and has not been redone since then, contact [[1]] to receive instructions on re-integrating your links using this new Search Engine Optimized (SEO) method.  MicroNet can implement this new integration for you or provide your own webmaster with personalized instruction.  Going forward, all new integrated website features will require SEO website integration.
Read this online article “[Engine Optimized Integration]” for more information.
If you are deciding whether to upgrade your legacy integration, read this online article “[Why? Why Now?]” to get more details.
Which version do I have?
There are two versions of our SEO modules plus our original version that is not SEO enhanced – version 1, sometimes referred to as the JSP module version (Java Server Pages).
Getting Started-rd bullet.jpg
SEO version 2, introduced Spring 2010
Getting Started-rd bullet.jpg
SEO version 3, introduced Fall 2012
Additional updates to SEO version 3 modules were completed on 1/17/2014. [more here].
Determine your version by viewing your customized upgrade instructions which displays your current version at the top. Find your instruction on the Dashboard->Message Center tab in the “Customer Service” section of the screen.
Getting Started-Search Engine Optimized website integration-image5.pngGetting Started-Search Engine Optimized website integration-image6.png
How can I get instructions for my website integration?
Click Dashboard in the left-hand menu.
Click the Message Center tab.
Scroll down to the Customer Service section.
Click View Website Integration Instructions.
If you are on version 1 public modules, version 3 instructions will appear. If you are version 2 public modules, Click for Upgrade Instructions. If you are on version 3 public modules, your current instructions will already display.
Contact [[2]] if you would like MicroNet to perform the integration. Contact [[3]] for questions if doing the integration on your own.