Assign Transaction Classes to Transactions

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Once Transaction Classes are created, a selection will appear automatically on transaction screens to assign to your invoices, sales receipts, credits, write-offs and invoice discounts.
Access the desired transaction screen for creating invoices, receipts, credits, write-offs, or invoice discounts.
Select the desired transaction class that should be assigned to this transaction.
Note: For batch transactions, such as a Monthly Renewals and Event invoices batch, a single transaction class is assigned to all invoices in that batch. See Figure 1-17a below. When creating individual transactions, a unique transaction class may be assigned to each item. See Figure 1-17c below.
Save the transaction.
The transaction class is now assigned to this transaction and is available to view on associated reports and will be included in the Journal Entry Export report.
ChamberMaster Billing-Assign Transaction Classes to Transactions-CMBilling.1.038.1.jpg
Figure 1-17b Sample Invoice batch with class assignment example
ChamberMaster Billing-Assign Transaction Classes to Transactions-CMBilling.1.038.2.jpg
Figure: Sample individual event invoice with class assignment on individual items