Reassign a Rep

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Once a rep is in the database, they may be reassigned to another member instead of deleting and then recreating the rep as this would eliminate any history and group associations.
Reassign a rep
On the Reps tab, click the check box in front of the desired rep’s name in the List of Representatives area.
Click Reassign Selected Reps.
Member Management-Reassign Rep-MemberManagement.1.32.1.jpg
Figure 2-3 Reassign Rep
Click Assign to a different member or Assign to no member [Community Member]. See “Community Member” for more information.
Click Continue.
If Assign to no member [Community Member] was selected, the task is complete. If Assign to a different member was selected, click the desired member in the Member Look-up screen.
Click Continue.
Note: Representative History will keep track of the members that this rep has been assigned. To view the history, locate the rep under Members->Reps tab. Open the Personal Information area and click History which is located after the “Rep is currently active with this member” checkbox.