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  1. From the Dashboard, click Members on the left side menu.
  2. Select the member you are adding a rep to from the Members dropdown list in the top tool bar.
  3. In the Reps tab, click Add a New Rep.
  4. Complete the form on the Contact Information section of the "Add a New Representative" screen.
  5. MemberManagement.1.29.1.jpg

    Figure: "Add a New Representative" screen

    Note: Alternatively, you can add a new rep by selecting "Representative" from the Add button in the top tool bar.

    Warning: If the Rep name already exists on the same or a different member, a warning message will appear that displays the name of that member. You may continue on and create the rep if desired.

    Contact Field Description
    Primary Contact: Selecting the Primary Contact checkbox will make this the primary contact representative for the member.
    Contact Preference: Select the preferred contact method for this rep. Email, Fax, Mail, Phone or No Communication. See How is the "Contact Preference" Field Used on the Reps Tab?
    Email: Note that the email address listed here by default is the email address provided on the General tab. This can be edited to contain rep's individual email if desired.
    Greeting: Specify the common name used by this individual. See also What is the Greeting field used for?
  6. Click Finish.