April 2016 SmartCMS Release Notes

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SmartCMS has new features and enhancements this month to help you maintain your SmartCMS website.  Look for the 'Edit Website' button   appearing in the upper right hand-corner of your database to know if these updates apply to you.


New Link Feature

SmartCMS users now have a way to easily link a Menu Item to an existing website page, a PDF, Word document or image file. There is no longer a need to use the External Link field for these actions since these options are now built into SmartCMS.

The new Link Feature gives you flexibility in what you link your page to:
  • To Page: An existing non-module Page on your website
  • To File: Browse to a PDF, Word Document or Image file from the File Manager
  • To External Website (same feature as before)
  • All of the above have the 'Open Link in New Tab' option 

The new 'Browse' feature has also been added to the link pop ups throughout SmartCMS, giving you more flexibility in what you can link to, including Icon Library Icons, Custom Links, Slider images, and more!




Text Editor New Options

Paste as Plain Text

Pasting content without the added formatting has never been easier with the new Paste as Plain Text option in the Text Editor. Simply copy your content from your Word document or other source and paste it into the pop up window. Old formatting is removed, and the content is ready for new formatting in the text editor.


Content Templates 
4 Content Templates are now available to easily format image/text content. Templates include: Left Align, Left Column, Right Align and Right Column. It's as easy as 1-2-3! 
1. Click on the Content Templates Icon
2. Select one of four template styles for your content
3. Add your own image, title and text content


File Manager Performance Message
To enhance your File Manager experience, we've added an alert message to your File Manager that appears if a folder has over 500 images. For an optimal file manager performance, we recommend moving some unused files into a separate folder.

Unused files are files that are not being used on your website.