Assign Locations to Your Members

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Locations can be assigned to a member to further designate the community/area where the member is located[1]. Using this location field within reports or when sorting, staff may distinguish the membership by location. This field may also be used to narrow the search for consumers as they search for members in the online directory.

Assign a Location

  1. On the Advanced tab, click Assign Location in the Locations area.
  2. Click the check box(es) in front of the desired location(s).
  3. Click Save & Exit.

Note: Administrators may create new location selections by selecting Define Locations from the Setup menu.

Remove a Location

Note: If you remove a category on the Advanced tab it is removing the member from belonging to that category. The category itself is not removed.

  1. On the Advanced tab, click to select the check box in front of the location that you wish to remove in the Locations area.
  2. Click Remove Selected Locations.

Change Primary Location

  1. On the Advanced tab, click Primary next to the desired location in the Locations area.
    1. If the Locations section is not available in your software, contact customer support for information on how to make this available.