Features of the eCommerce Store

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Variety of Product Offerings Allowed

  • Create simple products with regular and sale prices
  • Create products with multiple customer-selected attributes
  • Offer a downloadable file for sale with options to download immediately

Take Orders from Anyone

  • Member / Rep logins (may provide special pricing just for them!)
  • Guests may also make purchases

Integrated with Billing

  • Receipts or invoice/payments automatically created in your database for each purchase
  • Member purchases recorded on their Account
  • Optional Shipping charges may be charged
  • Fixed tax rate or rate based on Country & State & Zip

Easy to Use Management Tools

  • Dashboard showing real-time customer, product, and order statistics
  • Custom auto-reply messages
  • Multiple discount options including those based on coupon code or customer purchase activity
  • Up-sell tools such as product reviews, related product links, cross-sell suggestions

Seamless Integration with Your Website

  • Uses the same template design as other website pages
  • Shopping cart widget reminds of items in cart with access to quick checkout
  • Add the "Store" link to your website using the syntax aname.yourdomainname.com/store


  • The eCommerce module requires Plus Edition or greater.
  • Pro Edition customers may offer consumers an unlimited number of items in the online store. Other editions display a maximum of three products at one time.