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Maintaining the Events calendar : Syncing with your calendar

Syncing with your calendar
Event calendar feeds automatically synchronize your calendar with your events listed in your software. Many different applications support iCalendar, including Microsoft Outlook 2007 and later (Exchange), Lotus Notes 8.5 and later, Apple Calendar (iPhone and iPad), and Google Calendar (Android and Gmail).
Syncing with your calendar (basic instructions)
Click Events in the left-hand menu.
Or find this same selection on the Dashboard Message Center next to the list of Upcoming Public Events.
Click the Calendar tab.
Click “Sync with your own calendar.”
Events-Syncing with your calendar-image39.png
Click the desired link and follow the prompts to synchronize with the default calendar on your system (if available).
Events-Syncing with your calendar-image40.png
To synchronize with a different calendar, copy and paste the desired URL into your calendar software in the location where feeds are accepted, often identified with “Subscribe”, “Add Calendar”, etc.
Your 3rd party calendar will automatically update every hour with any changes made to your events.
Additional Information:
Populated date range: today - 365 days from now
Automatically updated: Every hour