Fee Item Fields

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Fee Item Name: Title for the fee item; will be used to identify the fee item on within the event module.

Description: Further description of the fee item; displays on the invoice

Account: Select the desired account from your list of Chart of Accounts.

Sales Tax: Select whether this item should be taxed or not; if proper tax amounts are not displayed, modify this item by selecting Sales Tax from the Setup module.

Price: Type the desired fee item amount

Item Type: Select

  • Member Fees and Dues - available in the Members module
  • Event Fees – available in the Events module
  • Group Fees – available in the Groups module

Status: Select Active or Inactive (only Active items may be billed)

Frequency: Only One-Time frequency is available for Event fees.

Collection Basis: Select Cash or Accrual

Voluntary: If desired, click “Treat this fee as voluntary”.

Note: Unpaid voluntary fees do not count against a member's account balance and are not automatically included on billing statements.