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As a source of community, business, and recreational knowledge in your area, your chamber of commerce frequently handles requests to provide a variety of information to your members and consumers. The Information Request module handles these requests with an efficient and thorough approach providing some advantages that don’t exist when performing the same tasks manually.

  • Consumer information is recorded in a simple, fill-in-the blank form with check boxes available to select consumer interests, desired publications, and travel plans if available.
  • Consumers themselves may request information using your chamber’s local web site if the Info Request module has been integrated.
  • Information that is available in an email format is automatically delivered to the consumer upon saving the request - - no additional steps required.
  • Requests for printed literature are queued for distribution and handled at your convenience. The associated mailing labels, printed with a code, will indicate the requested literature piece that should be included in the envelope.
  • Printed literature may be subtracted from the online inventory listing, which keeps a running total of brochures and publications simplifying reorders.
  • By completing an information request form, marked interests and specified travel information will generate a consumer lead that may be distributed to a targeted group of members.

Handling information requests have never been easier using the Information Request module. Use the guidelines for setup included here to streamline your information requests.