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Publications and Emails : Distribute Publications

Distribute Publications
When a publication is selected on the Info Request screen or on the public website by a consumer, the consumer name and address is queued to be printed on a mailing label.
This number does not indicate the number of labels that will be printed but rather the number of printed items that must be distributed.
Chamber employees will be aware that a mailing is pending when they view the Task List item, Pub. Requests. This item will indicate the quantity of printed items that must be distributed.
Info Request-Distribute Publications-InfoRequest.1.41.1.jpg
Figure 5-5 Task List
The mailing labels will display a unique mail code, designated when the publication was originally setup, that will indicate which printed publication should be included in that consumer’s mailing.
In this example, GG indicates Golf Guide, CM indicates ChamberMaster brochure, and RG indicates Relocation Guide.
Info Request-Distribute Publications-InfoRequest.1.41.2.jpg
Figure 5-6 Sample mailing labels with mail codes
A summary of the mailing distribution may be viewed or printed and subsequently subtracted from the online inventory of this printed piece of literature and delivery methods recorded using Distribute Publications in the Info Request module. View an associated report by selecting the Publications Distribution report.
Distribute Publications may also be used to manually print a single label for someone not entered in Info Request or to record mass distribution of a publication without printing a label.